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901 Ummah hosts third annual MIST Reunion

Attendees listen to the speakers at the Great Hall

Photo by Ahmed Motiwala

Friends, families, and MIST competitors all reunited together on Monday evening to celebrate and recognize the achievements of the 901 Ummah and PVS’s youth at the spring tournament.

The event kicked off at 7 o’clock with opening remarks by Fatema Habib and Saira Sikandar, followed by a soothing Quran recitation by Sister’s Quran memorization winner Deenat Yousef.

Afterwards, 901 Ummah and PVS coaches were invited up to the stage to say a few words about their experiences in being involved in MIST and the significance it has brought to them and the community.

Continuing on, MIST short films and videos were presented to the audience, including the 1st place winning film by PVS which was themed by the concept of mercy and its applications in life.

Followed by the films were recognitions and awards for all MIST competitors who places in their respected competitions. Dozens of competitors places in several competitions including photography, writing, oratory, and 1st place in basketball for the fourth year in a row.

By the end of the awards presentation, Maghrib athan started and people broke their fast while heading to pray Magrib before sitting down for dinner/iftar.

During dinner/iftar, performances kicked off with Rap/Nasheed winners from the boys and girls, followed by Spoken Word winning speeches including 1st place winner Zari Muhammed. All delivered great performances and heartfelt and empowering speeches.

As the evening came to an ending, high school graduates were invited up to the stage to talk about their MIST experiences throughout their high school years and share what they’ve learned. One high school graduate, Mariam Khayata, shared her thoughts about her MIST experience saying, “I continuously went with the intention of just wanting to grow... wanting to connect with people, be inspired and further inspire them as well.” Mariam also advised current high school students to “take advantage of [MIST] and meet wonderful and amazing people.”

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