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MIC hosts second 'Breaking Bread Interfaith' dinner

Flyer by Safi Khan

On June 7th, the Memphis Islamic Center hosted a “breaking bread interfaith iftar” with members of Farmington Presbyterian Church and high school students interested in learning about Islam. These interested groups were invited to eat iftar with the youth of MIC and have their questions answered in regards to Ramadan and its meaning.

As the final preparations were made for iftar outside the masjid, youth director Safi Khan led a group of interested members to the gazebo outside. The smell of butter chicken and the summer evening made it an unmistakable Memphis iftar.

During the iftar, the members of Farmington Presbyterian Church were treated to both delicious Al-Rahma catering and the Islamic knowledge of Safi Khan, and all of their questions on fasting and Ramadan were answered.

901 Members were spread around the various tables to mingle with the Farmington Presbyterian Church members and talk about everything from the difficulty of choosing what to eat for suhoor to the current NBA games.

Following iftar and Maghrib prayer, Safi Khan led the Farmington Presbyterian Church congregation on a tour of the construction of the new Masjid and talked about the recent success of our fundraising efforts.

Nilai Vemula, a Hindu student at White Station High School, said this of the breaking bread iftar : “I enjoyed seeing the unity and brotherhood of Ramadan in action, and I look forward to coming to the next interfaith iftar!”

As warm as the summer night was, the spirit of our conversation and unity was warmer.

The breaking bread iftar was a success, and it is very likely that it will occur next year, although it is expected that more youth from other religious institutions will be personally invited by 901 Ummah members.

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