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"Healthy Hearts" brunch filled hearts and tummies

February 21, 2017

Homemade blueberry and lemon meringue cupcakes, brisket and egg Hawaiian rolls, and Ed Sheeran playing on an old-timely record player, what better atmosphere to discuss the latest pop culture-- news, politics, classes and school events, or actually any topic on our hearts or minds.


That's beauty of 901 Ummah's Healthy Hearts brunch, the ability and ease in conversing on any topic with a wide variety or perspectives and opinions.


Whether it be discussing the latest fashion trends with a girl who's style you admire or seeking advice about internships and med school practice with a graduate, Healthy Hearts has it all plus the comfort of a warm home and an assembly of various homemade delicacies.


When asked how she thought the first Beautiful Hearts Brunch went, Souad H. described it as "beautiful and homey with elegant food."


The homey feel of being surrounded by such a variety of ages and mentalities reminds us of a big family and the endless topics to discuss leaves everyone's heart eager to open up and express what's been on the mind.


No matter the mood in which a sister arrived, her heart could find comfort and support in any way she needed with the advice of the g