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Masjid ar-Rahman hosts third annual interfaith panel

The third interfaith panel discussion continued its series on justice and peace on Tuesday at Masjid ar-Rahman where the panelists highlighted the idea of justice within each of their religions.

The panelists consisted of seven different clergymen exploring the justice within the Abrahamic traditions. The audience were people from various different faiths.

The panelists included Chaplain of Christian Brother's University Father Bill Parham, First Baptist Church's Rev. David Breckenridge, Rabbi Joel Finkelstein of Anshei Sphard Beth EL Emeth, Rabbi Ilan Glazer of Beth Sholom Synagogue, Sheik Yasir Qadhi of Rhodes College and Masjid ar-Rahman's Imam Anwar Arafat.

Rev. Dorothy Wells of St. George's Episcopal Church moderated the panel discussion with shocking statistics of the poverty and injustice in Memphis. Wells steered the conversation with the statistics and how justice takes place in each religion.

"A friend asked me to come and I just like to see different like religions and experiences, just to see what it's like," said Allison Weathers, one of the attendees.

Photo by Hira Qureshi

Attendees welcome each other as they prepare for the panel.

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