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'A Beautiful Life' series continues with the concept of tawaqqul

This week's Beautiful Life halaqa presented by Safi Khan started the month of Ramadan.

In his discussion, the Khan explored the concept of tawaqqul as demonstrated in the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) hijra.

The hijra was the migration undertaken by the Prophet (PBUH) and his followers from Mecca to Medina in the year 622. The journey is associated with the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

During the talk, Khan discussed how the hijra was not some spur of the moment decision undertaken by the Prophet (PBUH). Rather, it was planned for quite some time and required extensive preparation.

The journey has provided a number of lessons for the ummah as it teaches us to find the balance between taking responsibility and the proper steps in our duties while simultaneously placing our trust in Allah (SWT) to take care of the rest.

Sahil Malani, a freshman at the University of Memphis and an attendee of the event said the halaqa was "interesting and taught me something new about an important time in Islamic history."

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