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'Feed the City' makes a comeback this Ramadan

One of the original community service events of 901 Ummah, Feed the City made a comeback this Ramadan on June 11 at Morris Park as part of a series of community service opportunities.

Volunteers made the trip downtown to the park and set up tables to pack lunches and hand out to the people around the area. Lunches included sandwiches, fruit, water, and snacks.

Over 100 lunches were packed and handed out that afternoon to very appreciative Memphians.

"I never knew about this. Tim (Wilson) called me this morning and asked if I wanted some extra hasanat (good deeds)," said Abdul Wahab Siddiqi, one of the volunteers. He was glad he came out which was the general feeling from everyone there.

In a month like Ramadan it's important to get in the habit of giving back. Feed the City accomplishes that. The next community service event is Saturday June 17 with Memphis InterFaith Association's Meals on Wheels.

Photo by Sameer Mansour

Abdul Wahab Siddiqi and others package food at Morris Park.

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