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901 Goon Squad

"We got the name "Goon Squad" from Sameer during a 901 Ummah meeting but we probably wouldn't be "the goons" if it weren't for the many 901 Ummah community service opportunities that have happened over the years. We've been a part of Feed the City, the Refugee Eid Toy Drive, the mobile food pantry, and a bunch of others. There are so many stories to share about each of these events, but more importantly, these experiences have given us the opportunity to do some good and helped foster a passion for helping others. I think we've all benefited from not only making a positive impact in our own community, but also the greater Memphis community as a whole. Seeing the gratitude and appreciation in people's faces has been a reward in and of itself. Knowing that doing something small for someone, like giving them lunch for the day or new toys for their kids, ends up meaning so much to them is a satisfying, yet humbling feeling; and being able to share these experiences with each other and everyone who was at these events has been great too. We've been accessories to Sahil delivering meals drive-by-style downtown, learned about the versatility of rutabagas during a mobile food pantry distribution, and had a lot of fun along the way. In shaa Allah there are many more moments like these in store for us in the future." - (left to right) Safwan Arshad, Bilal Siddiq, Sahil Malani and Hassan Arshad


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