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Mohammed Malley

"Growing up as a Muslim in America is very hard if you don’t have a strong institutional foundation to help you. Looking at the youth, I felt that this was needed. Seeing the impact that schools had on the youth inspired me to switch majors and get principal certification. The impact and importance that it has, it’s what led me to enter this field and stay in it for 20 years. I believe that the most important thing for the youth is to always think of what their priorities are. Sometimes we get lost in things that are not important, it happens, but the youth has to realize that the energy they have, the chances that they have to make a difference are much greater than the chances of people who are older. They are idealistic and creative. Albert Einstein once said “Education is what you have when you forget everything you learned in school” It’s true because in school, you learn how to think and be creative."- Mohammed Malley


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