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"Nursing, for me, was always a safe place. I loved taking care of people, so I went to nursing school. However, after I had kids, it was hard to leave them and work. So after my second child, I decided that I will stay home, realizing that this is very hard. To be at home and be reliant on someone else was just hard on me emotionally, despite the fact my husband was very supportive. Growing up, my mom always baked. She made me want to be just like Martha Stewart. During this time, I would bake just for fun and would post it on social media. One day, my friend asked me to make her wedding cake. From there, everything just spiraled from one thing to another. I would not be where I am today if I did not try nursing school where I saw how miserable I was. Most of us have migrant parents who want the best for their kids like any other parents. This is why there is a huge push from our parents to promote to us traditional jobs such as a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. My advice to the Ummah is to just invest in both your passion and something that you know will benefit you." - Nuha Abuduhair


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